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Annan is a town in Dumfries and Galloway, South-West Scotland. Its history dates back over many years, and this can be seen in the ornate sandstone buildings that grace its streets.Annan also supports a diverse range of wildlife, with the river Annan flowing through the centre of the town, Pipistrelle Bats hide during the daylight hours but many of them can be seen feeding over the River Annan in the evening, feeding on flying insects. If you’re lucky you can also see Kingfishers flying and otters playing are also a frequent sight for people out strolling along the banks of the river, or taking their dogs for a walk.

The River Annan is also famous for its salmon and sea trout fishing, and water taken from the river is also used at the local whiskey distillery, a far cry from the use of the river in days gone by.

From 1812 to 1865 many types of wooden sailing vessels were built in Annan as part of a thriving local industry. The town’s port forged links with Canada and the USA and let to shipbuilders graduating from crafting coastal briggs and schooners to 1,000 ton tea clippers.The last ships built by John Nicholson & son were advanced - design sailing vessels buy were timber hulled, at a time when iron hulls were taking over and being constructed at Cumbrian ports and on the Clyde.

The Savings Bank Museum, telling the story of the world’s first savings bank can be found in the nearby village of Ruthwell. Founded by Dr Duncan, The Savings Bank Museum tells the story of this remarkable, yet under celebrated hero.  
Annan, situated in the East of Dumfries & Galloway is an ideal town to explore the Solway Coast and the many small towns and villages nearby. Annan boasts lots of options for accommodation from Hotels, B&Bs, self catering cottages, to camping and caravaning opportunities right on the doorstep, combined with a choice of restaurants, pubs and bars, it is a great town to visit.

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