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Gatehouse of Fleet is a town in the Civil Parish of Girthon, Kirkcudbrightshire, within the District Council Region of Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, which has existed since the mid-18th century.

Gatehouse of Fleet, dated back to the planned village established here by James Murray of Broughton in the 1760s. In part this was intended to serve as the estate village for Murray's new home at Cally House, just to the south of the village. It was also intended to become an important commercial focus for this part of Galloway.

Today, little remains of Gatehouse of Fleet's industrial past. The Mill on the Fleet Visitor Centre occupies the one remaining mill building on the banks of the Water of Fleet, on the north side of the village. Here, too, you can see the end of the mill lade which brought water three miles from Loch Whinyeon to power the mills.But for the most part, today's Gatehouse of Fleet is a slightly sleepy and supremely attractive village. Its focal point is the clock tower standing at the junction of High Street and Ann Street.

The village continues to do well for hotels. Cally House has become the Cally Palace Hotel, a little to the south of the village, while Gatehouse of Fleet itself is home to two impressive hotels: the Murray Arms, now greatly extended from the old gait-house, and the recently renovated and truly excellent Ship Inn, on the west side of the bridge over the Water of Fleet.

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