Scottish Dark Sky Observatory

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Scottish Dark Sky Observatory

The Scottish Dark Sky Observatory occupies a fantastic hilltop site on the edge of the Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park near the village of Damellington.  The Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park was the first Dark Sky Park to be designated in the UK and Europe, and was award a Gold-tier status in 2009 by the International Dark-Sky Association. 

This publically accessible educational observatory enjoys some of the darkest skies in the world and offers two large telescopes through which to observe the night sky.  The SDSO features a 20" Corrected Dall Kirkham telescope in a 5 metre dome and a 14″ Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope in a roll-off-roof dome, offering a more hands-on, open air observing experience.  The observatory also offers an indoor presentation room, a newly-built planetarium and an elevated observing deck from which to enjoy naked-eye observing of the night sky. 

The observatory is  open to the public, amateur astronomers, groups, clubs, schools and universities, with the aim of inspiring people of all ages and all backgrounds with the beauty and wonder of the universe.  Because of the nature of the site, most night/evening visits must be pre-booked.  Please take a look at our online Events Calendar for more information on our forthcoming activities.



Tel: 01292 551118

Scottish Dark Sky Observatory
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Because of limitations of the site capacity and the forestry-type access road, we stipulate that all visits are on a pre-booked basis.Please ensure you contact us before visiting the observatory to ensure that we have availability.